Half way there?

15 Feb

I would like to think that at the end of day three we had finished a major chunk of the challenges and we would be on the downhill straight – I could say it but may not be completely true! I think the two hardest challenges will be completed tomorrow; the video and flash mob and fingers crossed they both go smoothly.

I had a enjoyable but yet very challenging day with the treasure hunt and then the web site task. Neither task was really my forte but it was great to see the different team members gel and utilizing their own strengths to complete the requirements. I did have a duh moment when I realized Irene was the Sprig and Fern – it was a brilliant riddle which really got us thinking.

Kudos to all the teams today with the web sites that they produced – my hat (if I had one!) goes off to anyone that can create a site that quickly and looking that good. It was one of the seldom moments where I actually wanted to be able to code, don’t worry though as the moment passed quickly.

No doubt tomorrow will be full of surprises and hopefully a little less stressful.

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One response to “Half way there?

  1. prj701tonyTony Stephens

    February 15, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    You guys (the rest of my team) have done great!


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